Clean Collect Blood Collection System

       The patented Clean Collect Blood Collection System prevents contamination of blood cultures. Clean Collect's diversion method has been clinically proven to reduce blood culture contamination rates by 50 - 84%. This quality improvement prevents unnecessary treatment of patients and often saves hospitals several million dollars each year. To learn more visit:    



Phleb PakTM Closable Phlebotomy Case

       The patent pending Phleb PakTM is a closable phlebotomy case that prevents spills which are common with conventional phlebotomy trays. These spills are time consuming for the blood collector and can result in accidental needlesticks. OSHA recognizes that needlesticks cost the hospital on average over $3,000 per incident. To learn more, visit:



ReactiSeptTM  Rapid Detection Systems

       ReactiSeptTM is a development stage product line being designed to detect microorganisms in blood samples in a fraction of the time required by conventional culturing methods. ReactiSept will first join and then replace blood culturing as the primary test for the detection of septicemia.



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